Wear and Carry


This course satisfies the 16 hours of required training as well as the shooting qualification needed to submit for your Maryland Wear and Carry Permit.

Cost is $250.00 per person and includes the required Live Scan fingerprinting, passport photo, application assistance, text books, range time and free use of a firearm if you do not have one. This course requires the completion of an online training course prior to attending the in person class. This course is an additional $65.00.

*You will be responsible for the $75.00 application fee to the state police as well as ammunition if you do not have any. 

In addition you will receive the training course developed by the USCCA. Completion of this course does not guarantee the issuance of the permit. In Maryland you still must provide a ‘good and substantial reason’ for the permit to be issued.

Both the Utah CCW and Florida CCW certifications are available as an add on to this course for and additional $20.00 for both. 

Wear and Carry Renewals are available for $150.00

If you have any questions about registration, please contact our trainer.


John Merson

JW Firearms Training


[email protected]