This class is designed to give the newer shooter and/or someone who has never picked up a firearm in their life the knowledge, skills and abilities to be safe and responsible with firearms as well as have a better understanding of how they work, the basic laws regarding firearms and why training is so important. This class also fulfills the Training requirement for your Maryland HQL

4 Hours $160 Includes $60 finger prints, range time, ammo, targets, rental guns, and assistance with HQL application process.Please bring a credit card for the $50 MSP application fee, if you would like assistance with the application.

Class Overview

  • The safe firearms handling rules and why they are important
  • How to safely store your firearm
  • Basic principles of personal security inside and outside the home.
  • The different types of handguns and how they function
  • The different types of ammunition
  • The fundamentals of marksmanship
  • How to load, unload, and fire common types of pistols and revolvers.

Everything necessary for completion of this course is provided by Cindy’s Hot Shots (guns, ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection, and note taking materials).

If you wish to use your own handgun instead of one of ours, please bring your firearm unloaded and in a case. We will provide ammunition in the following calibers: .22LR; .38SPL; 9mm Luger; .45ACP. If your firearm is not chambered in one of the listed calibers, please bring or purchase your own ammunition.

Course Requirements

Each participant must bring a government issued ID.

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