FBI Pistol Qualification

Scheduled for 2-hours to allow time for all students to attempt qualification twice. If there is ever a need to shoot someone in self-defense and your abilities are questioned by the court, it makes a powerful statement to provide documentation that your skill level is at least as good, or better than, the police officers who patrol your community. Certification that you performed to this standard will be provided. As well as being awarded a serialized custom challenge coin.  Success is not guaranteed. Preparation is required.
***This course is an EVALUATION, not TRAINING of the qualification drills.***
Course Cost: $100
List of important equipment for my classes: 
  • Full size (Glock 17 or equivalent) or compact pistol (Glock 19 or equivalent, no back up guns or revolvers)
  • Eye Protection (sunglasses are acceptable)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Sturdy Belt (non-cloth, must be able to hold up the weight of a pistol and magazine holder)
  • 3 magazines (10 round minimum)
  • Magazine Holster
  • Holster (duty or concealed)
  • 150 Rounds
  • Long Pants
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Brimmed hat


Contact the instructor directly by email at johnnys[email protected] or by cell at 443-864-0183 with any questions


If you have any questions about registration, please contact our trainer.

John Merson

JW Firearms Training


[email protected]


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