Shooting From The Holster

           Shooting From The Holster


Cost $100.00

Are you a CCW Permit Holder? How much have you drawn from your holster? Have you experimented with different holster locations? Have you actually shot live rounds from a holster draw?

In this 2 hour course we will review:

–          proper holster draw techniques

–          holster locations

–          weapons retention

–          live  fire drills

–          defensive shooting techniques

–          review 21’ rule

This course also satisfies the Cindy’s Hot Shots training requirement to shoot from the holster at the range.

Participants must provide their own firearm, holster and minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition. 

John W Merson

USCCA and NRA Pistol Instructor

MD HQL and Wear / Carry Instructor

JW Firearms Training


[email protected]

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