V42 Low Light Pistol Seminar

V42 Low Light Pistol Seminar

This course covers the essentials of light equipment selection to include weapon-mounted and hand-held sources, and techniques for effective search, navigation, target identification, and engagement of threats. Instruction will focus primarily on hand-held light sources.

​Cost: $200

Course Outline:

      • Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship Review
      • Low Light Equipment Review
      • Introduction and practice in various techniques of flashlight and weapon manipulation in low light settings
      • Reloads in low-light settings
      • Shooting and moving in low-light settings
      • Drills and no-light shooting throughout

Prerequisites: This is an intermediate level class. Shooters need to know safe gun handling, weapon system familiarity, foundational marksmanship skills, and drawing from the holster (V42 Tactical Pistol II course graduates will have met all requirements).

Required Equipment: Pistol, belt mounted holster (can be tactical duty or concealed carry), 2 magazines, 2 magazine pouches, handheld flashlight (pistol mounted lights are suitable, but this is primarily a hand-held pistol class), Earmuffs and 200 rounds.

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