V42 Tactical Carbine Seminar

The cost is $225

This course is designed to give the new carbine owner a foundation for both safe and accurate carbine shooting through the application of the fundamentals of combat marksmanship.

Course Outline

    • Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship
    • Choosing a rifle and support equipment
    • Zeroing a rifle
    • Ready positions
    • Loading, unloading, tactical, and emergency reloading
    • Immediate Action (clearing malfunctions)
    • Shooting drills throughout the course

Prerequisites: This is a beginner class. There are no prerequisites.

Required Equipment: Semi-automatic carbine rifle with sling, shooter can use iron sights (i.e. Magpul Back-Up Sights or standard AR-15 iron sights) or optics. This course will not shoot out past 25 yards so higher magnification scopes are discouraged. Optimum sights are reflex/ red dot style sights), 3 magazines with Magazine Pouches and sturdy belt, shooting gloves (barrels/ hand-guards will heat up), ballistic shooting glasses, earmuffs, 3 Magazines minimum with magazine pouches, ballistic shooting glasses and 300 rounds.

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