Range Calibers

Range Calibers/Holsters

  • Calibers Allowed
    • Rimfire (22lr, 22WMR, etc)
    • Centerfire Handgun (.380, 9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP, 10mm, etc)
    • Pistol caliber rifles are welcome
    • Shotgun (Currently slugs only allowed no buckshot or birdshot currently)
    • Rifle (Currently only .300 Blackout subsonic only)
    • Other rifle calibers will be accepted soon.
  • Holster Draw
    • Drawing from the holster is currently not allowed other than current law enforcement officers and active duty military.
    • Holster draw for customers coming soon!
  • Ammo Restrictions
    • Brass, Nickle, Aluminium and Steel case ammunition is allowed.
    • All bullets must be lead core only. No steel core, armor piercing or incendiary.
    • (M855, Green tip and other LAP (Light Armor Piercing) rounds are strictly prohibited.