Range Calibers

Range Calibers/Holsters

  • Calibers Allowed
    • Rimfire (22lr, 22WMR, etc)
    • Centerfire Handgun (.380, 9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP, 10mm, etc)
    • Pistol caliber rifles are welcome
    • Shotgun (Currently slugs only allowed no buckshot or birdshot currently)
    • Rifle (Currently only .300 Blackout subsonic only)
    • Other rifle calibers will be accepted soon.
  • Holster Draw
    • Drawing from the holster is currently not allowed other than current law enforcement officers and active duty military.
    • Holster draw for customers coming soon!
  • Ammo Restrictions
    • Brass, Nickle, Aluminium and Steel case ammunition is allowed.
    • All bullets must be lead core only. No steel core, armor piercing or incendiary.
    • (M855, Green tip and other LAP (Light Armor Piercing) rounds are strictly prohibited.
To our loyal patrons.

Due to the slowdown of foot traffic after Governor Hogans proclaimed "stay at home" order we will be cutting our hours back temporarily. We are still abiding under the 10 person or less rule to keep both our family safe and yours. As soon as the restrictions lift we will be back to standard operating hours.

We are open for retail 10AM-6PM, daily.

The range is closed until late September for maintenance.

We will be closed on the following dates to speed up the renovation process:

  • 8/31
  • 9/7
  • 9/14
  • 9/21
  • 9/28

We hope to see you soon. Stay Safe.